Loser Kari Lake Surrenders In Defamation Lawsuit Over Election Lies

Republicans are now suing Republicans. In this case, filter queen Kari Lake surrendered her right to defend herself against Stephen Richer’s defamation lawsuit over her election lies.

The Maricopa County Recorder who presided over the 2022 election, Stephen Richer, filed a defamation claim against Kari Lake in June, stating that she “repeatedly and falsely accused” him of causing her electoral defeat in the race Democrat Katie Hobbs defeated her.

Lake has requested a jury for the default judgment hearing.

Richer took to Xitter to call Lake’s request a “complete and total surrender on liability.”

Lake, unsurprisingly for an election denier, blamed the “political elite.” Richer told her she “will now have a judgment entered, in court, against you, for lying about our elections and me. It was all B.S.”

The lawsuit alleged that “Richer and his family have been the target of threats of violence, and even death, and have had their lives turned upside down” because of Lake’s “knowing and malicious falsehoods,” according to NBC News.

Lake has moved on to make a run for the Senate. To donate to her Democratic opponent, click here.

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