MAGA Daily Wire Host Calls IVF 'Immoral' And Likens It To Rape

Just let this guy keep talking and maybe Trump could hire him as a spokesperson for his campaign. The Biden campaign might even chip in for some of his salary if Republicans think this sort of crap is a winning message for November.

For anyone not already familiar with this clown, Michael Knowles is a MAGA podcaster for The Daily Wire who has defended book bans, wants to ban “transgenderism” entirely, and called for it to be “eradicated,” wants to outlaw the “evil” pride flag, fantasizes about having Trump as a Chief Justice, defends blackface, wants the taxpayers to foot Trump’s legal bills, and just attacked gay marriage at this year’s CPAC.

Or in other words, your typical extremist MAGA Republican. The latest issue this idiot has decided to get on the wrong side of is IVF. I’m going to take a wild guess that his extreme hatred when it comes to IVF or surrogacy is that heaven forbid it might mean that some gay or trans people can have families. Just a hunch but I’d love for someone to try to prove me wrong.

Here he is ranting on his podcast and calling IVF immoral and likening it to rape:

KNOWLES: Someone wrote to me and said, Michael, you know, I can’t believe you said this, because I can somewhat intellectually understand why IVF and surrogacy might be bad in theory, but I’ve got nieces who were conceived through IVF, and I’m glad that my nieces are alive, so go f*** yourself Michael, because anything that would allow my nieces to be alive, I think it totally fine you big jerk. You Bible thumping moralizing jerk.

Okay. Hold on. Alright. Calm down. I hear you. I’m sure your nieces are great. I’m sure your nieces are wonderful, and your nieces have a right to life, and it’s good that your nieces exist. The problem for IVF and surrogacy is that no end, no matter how good, justify immoral means. No ends, no matter how good justify actions that are intrinsically evil to achieve them.

This is the same kind of logic that we would apply to say, rape. A child who is conceived in rape, I know some, they have a right to life. It’s very good that they exist. We like these people. Had your nieces, God forbid, been conceived in the case of rape, you would say, I love my nieces, and how dare you suggest they shouldn’t exist, and how dare you say that.

I’m not suggesting they shouldn’t exist. I’m not suggesting that they don’t have a right to life. I’m not suggesting that they’re not good at all. But, let’s follow this idea to its logical conclusion. Does the fact that your nieces’ existence is good and they have a right to life, does that fact justify rape? Certainly not.

Likewise, good ends can be wonderful, and we can celebrate them, but they don’t justify immoral means.

I was having trouble figuring out just what he thought was so “immoral” about IVF until I came across another clip that Media Matters flagged, where this whackaloon was calling for doctors performing IVF in Alabama to be prosecuted, and claiming that “the IVF and surrogacy industry that treats babies as commodities to buy and sell on an open market.”

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Doctors are proceeding with illegal IVF sales in Alabama. You remember, I mentioned on the show yesterday, it was a wonderful story out of Alabama. The Alabama Supreme Court pointed out that human beings are human beings from the moment of conception because conception just means the beginning. And they’re human beings in the womb, and they’re human beings even outside of the womb because — we used to not even have these embryos outside of the womb, but because of the advance of technology, there’s a new industry. And it’s the IVF and surrogacy industry that treats babies as commodities to buy and sell on an open market. And the judge in the case said, look, just by the sheer language of the Alabama Supreme Court, this is unconstitutional. We need to treat these people as people. They’re people. They’re human beings. Unique human beings. So, that bans the surrogacy industry in Alabama.

Well, liberals aren’t giving up that easy. There’s a headline, so upset, doctors and patients fearfully proceed with IVF after Alabama court rules that embryos are children. What else are they? What are the customers in the IVF industry purchasing if they’re not purchasing children? Trust me. The customers in the IVF industry, in the surrogacy industry know better than anybody that the embryo is a child. That’s what they’re buying. That’s the product. So they know it. What — they’re not upset that the court ruled that the embryos are children. They already know that. They’re upset that they ruled that you can’t buy children. You can’t treat children like commodities and objects to be used as mere instruments for your own satisfaction. That’s what’s going on. And so these crooks, these very, very, immoral businessmen — I won’t even call them doctors. They’re immoral businessmen selling people. They’re gonna proceed anyway. OK. Well, I hope that they’re prosecuted under the law in accordance with the laws of Alabama and the Alabama Supreme Court and the — the Alabama state constitution.

But what this really proves to me is that these liberals don’t take conservative rulings seriously. They don’t take the law very seriously because they know that the law is just words on paper, and the law is only gonna be as strong as the conviction and power of the people who are going to enforce it. They don’t think they’re gonna have to be held to account. Question for us is, can we hold them to account?

This is what the reversal of Roe has brought us. Good luck defending this idiocy in November Republicans, because you own this.

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