Maher Lets RFK Jr. Use His Show To Spread More Anti-Vaxx Propaganda

Bill Maher isn’t much better than Robert F. Kennedy Jr. when it comes to COVID vaccines , and he allowed the whackaloon anti-vaxxer to spread more dangerous lies, unchecked, on his show during an interview this Friday.

Maher went off the deep end when he wasn’t allowed to do live shows during the pandemic and he hasn’t gotten any better since. If anyone needs any proof of just how bad he’s gotten, look at how often Fox airs clips of him parroting right wing talking points these days. Pretty much every single week that Maher is on the air.

What’s really pathetic here is that Maher sounds sane compared to Kennedy, but he did little to nothing to push back against most of Kennedy’s more egregious lies here:

Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday, pushing back on claims that he is “anti-vaccine.”

Maher began the segment by pressing Kennedy on running mate Nicole Shanahan, who spoke out against the Moderna vaccine.

“She’s not gonna . . . I think those vaccines need to . . . We need to have, again, true double blind placebo control trials,” Kennedy struggled to explain.

Notably, the results of a phase III double-blind clinical trial of the Moderna vaccine were published in 2021.

Kennedy went on to discuss vaccine skepticism in the American public, possibly fueled by claims he made, saying, “There’s 25% of Americans who believe that they know somebody who was killed by a COVID vaccine.”

It’s true that a 2023 poll concluded that 34% of Americans believe COVID vaccines have contributed to deaths. Although, beyond their initial FDA clearance, multiple studies have shown that COVID vaccines are safe.

Kennedy then spouted a debunked claim that those who took the Pfizer vaccine in a clinical trial saw a 23% increase in death rate.

Shame on both of them. Kennedy is nothing more than a spoiler with backing from some of the worst people on the right, whose own family doesn’t want to see him run. Even though Maher gave Kennedy some push back on whether vaccines work and the fact that they do save lives, in the end he agreed with him that there shouldn’t be any mandates. Pathetic.

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