Matt Gaetz Worries NSA Is Spying On Him Due To His 'Whiteness'

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) suggested the NSA could be targeting people like him for being white.

During his Thursday Firebrand podcast, Gaetz expressed outrage after conservative media outlet The Daily Wire claimed to have obtained a leaked NSA glossary of terms, including “whiteness” and “white supremacy.”

“Wow,” Gaetz said. “No group of humans in all of human history has ever been without a series of pretty bad actions, right? You get a group of humans together for long enough, we do bad things to one another. That goes back to biblical times.”

“But white people have built some of the most durable and inclusive civilizations that have ever existed,” he continued. “And, of course, mistakes have been made along the way.”

Gaetz wondered why the NSA would be “cataloging and promoting any of this hysterical, mentally ill lunacy.”

“Imagine the NSA intercepting your text messages and flagging any material deemed to support extremist beliefs like, there are only two genders, or men can’t be misogynist to other men, or I’m not sorry that my ancestors created Western civilization,” he remarked.

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