Michelle Bachmann Still Crazy After All These Years

She’s baaaaack!

Former crackpot Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann claims the World Health Organization has a satanic plan to create global governance.

It appears Bachmann is a big Rothschild conspiracy theorist that comes from the dregs of QAnon.

In my remarks, I’m going to have a chance to talk a little bit about that.

If there’s time to talk about the World Health Organization that is the health care arm of the United Nations, they’re meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, the end of May.

And they have a plan.

They have a satanic plan.

And that plan is to create a platform for global governance.

So we’ll probably be talking about that.

But here’s the greatest thing.

In the last few weeks, as maybe you felt the same thing, as despair has come upon your mind and been on your shoulders and weighted us down to the point where we thought we could never see it get as bad as what we’ve seen in these last few weeks, I have to tell you, the Holy Spirit has been speaking.

And the still, small voice in my spiritual mind has been fluttering.

It’s like a fluttering, a fluttering that goes along with springtime, that says that there is a new thing that God is doing in our midst.

And I know it, that I know it, that I know it, that He is doing a new thing.

And I thank God that we’re meeting Him here this weekend.



Before there was traitor Trump and the white supremacist, evangelical MAGA cult, there was Michelle Bachmann attacking Obama and supporting the Tea Party movement. And you thought she disappeared forever.

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