Moscow Marge's MUGA Hat Stunt Backfires Spectacularly

Vladimir Putin’s favorite congresswoman accidentally inspired the Ukrainian war effort after her stunt on Capitol Hill a few days ago. Her “MUGA” hat is now being sold by MeidasTouch (Union-made in the U.S.) and Saint Javelin (made in Kharkiv, Ukraine).

So, a tip of the hat to Marjorie Taylor Greene for efforts on behalf of the Ukrainian war effort, however inadvertent.

Thank you, Marge. Slava Ukraini.

Source: Boing Boing

Moscow Marge angrily displayed a MUGA (Make Ukraine Great Again) hat yesterday as she announced her upcoming motion to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson. And although she thought the cute stunt would own the Speaker and the bipartisan Congress members who passed the Ukraine aid bill, instead her prop went up for sale to give even more aid to Ukraine.

“In her honor, we are now selling the hat with 100% of profits going to two groups who do incredible work in Ukraine,” announced MeidasTouch today.

The handsome blue hats are on sale here for $45, will start shipping on May 13, and will be offered until May 31. All of the profits will go to United Help Ukraine and World Central Kitchen. As MeidasTouch says in their ad, “Thanks, Marge!”

Marge’s antics.

…led to this.

….and this.

And inevitably these, Shibu cartoon dogs pissing on her leg.

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