Moskowitz, Comer get into tense exchange at hearing: ‘You look like a smurf here’

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) and chair of the House Oversight Committee James Comer (R-Ky.) got into a heated exchange on Tuesday.

During a hearing focused on oversight of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), Moskowitz referenced a loan that President Biden made to his brother, which the committee has been looking into as part of the probe into Biden’s family finances. He said Comer has “gone on Fox News and told people that, while the president was out of office, he had a loan with his brother, and in a way, they were evading taxes.”

“It has come out in the public, that you also do business with your brother with potential loans,” Moskowitz continued. “And so, since you have framed that and manipulated that with the American people, that Joe Biden did something wrong when he wasn’t in office, I just would like to know if you would like to use some of my time-”

“I would love- I would love it,” Comer retorted. “You retweeted that story, completely false. I’ve never loaned my brother one penny. My father, who was a dentist, had some farmland. He died and my brother couldn’t afford- he wanted to sell it, but he wanted to keep it in the family. So, I bought it from my brother. That story that you tweeted, also said I had a shell company. That is bulls—.”

The Florida Democrat later tried to reclaim his time, which then was followed by the two Congressmen going back and forth in a fiery exchange.

“[Y]ou look like a Smurf, here, just going around and all this stuff,” Comer at one point said to Moskowitz, seemingly referencing his blue suit and tie.

“Gargamel was very angry today,” Moskowitz later quipped on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, referencing the main villain of the Smurfs universe.

Last Thursday, Moskowitz made a video, posted to X, in which he signed a prop “subpoena” for Comer, also saying he had given his brother a loan just like Biden. It appeared to mock a video by the Oversight Committee from the day before in which Comer signed subpoenas for Hunter Biden, the president’s brother James Biden and their business partner Rob Walker, part of the impeachment probe into the president.

“It has been reported that Comer also loaned his brother $200k. We fully expect James to comply, just like the Trumps,” Moskowitz said on X.

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