Mr Doodle Gives Sketch’s Iconic Bathroom Pods a Summer Makeover

MAN IN ACTION: British artist Sam Cox, professionally known as Mr Doodle, will be gradually covering the London fine dining establishment Sketch’s iconic egg-shaped bathroom pods with his vibrant illustrations this month as part of an artist takeover that will run till Sept. 1.

On Thursday morning, the artist — who has 2.9 million Instagram followers — livestreamed his creative process as he doodled on the wall of Sketch’s entrance hall.

Later, he resumed the halfway work of transforming the pods with cartoonish motifs in colors inspired by the bathroom’s grid glass ceiling, while restaurant guests enjoyed his creative process as part of their dining experience.

“I just kind of drew whatever came to mind. Lots of fun things, happy little characters. A lot of it was done at nighttime. It was a fun, long period of uninterrupted doodle time. I really enjoyed it,” said Cox, who is having his first U.K. museum show at the Holburne Museum in Bath.

Cox said he has spent around 60 hours in the past week filling up blank spaces inside the Grade II listed 18th-century townhouse where Sketch is located.

The most challenging part has been working on the curved surface of a dome that takes up a sizable part of the bathroom space.

“I went round on rope to access different areas. It’s quite hard to reach them, especially on the stairs. You can’t put a ladder there. Two guys from Sketch worked as technicians to help me move about,” added Cox.

Sam Cox, Mr Doodle, takes over Sketch for the summer

Sam Cox, Mr Doodle, takes over Sketch for the summer.

Courtesy/Mark Cocksedge

The reception so far has been positive, according to Cox, and he is planning to bring his family from Kent to Sketch to experience his takeover later in the month.

“Some people think that it kind of like looks like it should always be there, which is kind of cool. It’s nice to see the shape of the pods accentuated by the doodles. When it’s white, it matches the wall but with the colors, it really shows that egg form,” he added.

The partnership between Cox and Sketch marks the artist’s third collaboration with the stylish and charismatic gallerist Pearl Lam, who launched her namesake Hong Kong- and Shanghai-based gallery two decades ago.

Known for her signature purple hair, and her love for Alexander McQueen and increasingly John Galliano’s creations for Maison Margiela, Lam is a fixture in Asian high society and the contemporary art scene.

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