New Yorkers Want Affordable Botox, Data Shows

As botox goes more mainstream and the growth of “preventative botox” brings a younger subset of consumers into the space, accessibly priced providers are gaining traction in New York.

“There has never been as many young people getting botox as there are now — and that’s continuing to increase,” said Kevin Chiu, cofounder and chief executive officer of health and medspa marketplace Certainly Health, which was founded in 2021 and received investment from Y-Combinator last winter.

Data from Certainly Health indicates botox prices in New York vary from $9 to $24 per unit, with clinics that live in the $9 to $13 range seeing the highest number of bookings. “These are the [clinics] who have nurses — some doctors as well — so they are coming from a medical background, but they’re not dermatologists or plastic surgeons, which tend to be in the $20-and-up range,” said Chiu.

Pricing varies widely by borough, too, with the average botox cost for crow’s feet hovering around $240 in Staten Island versus $432 in Manhattan.

“Manhattan sees the majority of [botox] bookings, but if you’re looking at the top-five clinics by bookings, the picture is more spread out,” said Chiu, adding that women make up roughly 90 percent of Certainly Health users, with those in their 20s and 30s being the largest cohort. Forehead lines, elevens and crow’s feet are the most popular treatment areas for botox in New York, though functional injections — including those relieving TMJ and hyperhidrosis symptoms — are growing rapidly.

The top-five New York botox clinics booked via Certainly Health, in alphabetical order.

  1. Fild Studio, SoHo
  2. Pari Med Spa, Staten Island and Brooklyn
  3. RejuvenationMD, midtown Manhattan
  4. Sanba Physician Group, midtown Manhattan
  5. Ubliss Medical Aesthetics, Queens

Average botox prices per unit in New York’s boroughs, per Certainly Health.

  1. Manhattan: $10 to $24
  2. Queens: $10 to $16
  3. Bronx: $10 to $16
  4. Brooklyn: $9 to $15
  5. Staten Island: $9 to $12

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