Nikki Haley Loses Nevada Primary To 'None Of These Candidates'

Nikki Haley lost the Nevada primary yesterday as voters turned to the proverbial “none of the above” option, according to a race call by the Associated Press. Via NPR:

Haley, who will not be in contention during Thursday’s Republican caucus, which former President Donald Trump is expected to win, might have picked up her first win of the campaign in Nevada’s toothless primary but it would have been solely symbolic.

Instead, the former South Carolina governor will have to spin a loss in a primary where she was the only major candidate on the ballot. Nevada voters have a “none of these candidates” option on their primary ballots which received the highest percentage of votes.

According to an NPR analysis of data from the tracking firm Ad Impact, Haley’s campaign spent zero dollars advertising in the state of Nevada. She instead has turned her focus after New Hampshire to her home state of South Carolina, where voters will take to the polls at the end of the month.

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