Nikki Haley Vows To Pull Out Of Human Rights Council And Defund The UN

More isolationist claptrap and fearmongering over “globalists” from Fox’s Sean Hannity and presidential candidate and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

During an interview with Haley on Wednesday evening, Fox News host Sean Hannity protested the decision to appoint Iran as the 2023 chair of the UN Human Rights Council Social Forum:

Iran now, where if a woman does not cover her head could be murdered and get the death penalty, or if you are discovered to be gay or lesbian, they are going to kill you in Iran and give you the death penalty, they are now the head the UN Human Rights Commission. That’s not even a bad joke. That is how corrupt that organization is.

Hannity then asked Haley, “Should America, once and for all, cut ties with all of these globalist organizations?”

Of course, the UN and Human Rights Council weren’t the only two organizations on the list:

“If I become president, we will get out of the Human Rights Council. We would certainly not get back into the Paris Climate Agreement. The U.N., the only thing is we would defund the U.N. as much as possible. The only reason, Sean, you don’t get out of the U.N. is we’re one county of five that has a veto, and the number of things we were able to stop China, Russia, and Iran from doing with that veto matters, and so you keep bad things from happening. But we don’t have to pay at the level that we’re paying and we don’t have to be in any of those other organizations.” – Nikki Haley, telling Sean Hannity that she would also withdraw from the World Health Organization.

This is what passes for a “moderate” in today’s Republican party.

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