No One Wants To Talk About Cannon's Husband's Mob Connections

Morning Joe stopped talking about Stormy Daniels long enough to mention that Trump’s classified documents trial has been postponed indefinitely. Imagine that!

“The trial had been scheduled to start later this month but U.S. District Judge Cannon announced the delay and new order yesterday. The judge argues it would be imprudent to finalize a trial date when various pretrial issues and deadlines have yet to be resolved,” Mika Brzezinski said.

“Special counsel Jack Smith and his team have argued Trump’s lawyers have had ample time to prepare for a trial and Joe, this is one of those situations where a lot of legal experts have been saying that this is the most clear-cut case. Maybe even one of the most serious cases.”

“And yet, this is the judge that was picked and this is the way things go.”

“Welcome to the American judicial system. You know?”

Can we start connecting some dots here? What if Aileen Cannon was put on the bench for a specific reason — namely, her husband’s mob connections? In what planet should this woman even be a federal judge? I know: Planet Florida!

Let’s give Cannon the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she’s not actually corrupt, and neither is her husband! But she should have recused herself anyway, because it stinks like three-day-old dead fish.

David Cay Johnston has more.

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