'Nobody Is Killing Babies': Fox News Host Destroys Anti-Abortion Talking Point

Fox News host Howard Kurtz pushed back against National Review reporter Caroline Downey after she suggested Democrats were killing babies with their abortion policies.

During a Sunday panel discussion on Fox News, Kurtz told Downey that Democrats were using Arizona’s near-total abortion ban as an example of “what you get when you leave it up to the states.”

“A court can step in and revive this 1864 law where you can get up to five years in prison if you’re a provider,” Kurtz explained.

“I mean, look, [Donald] Trump recognized that these states can hold referendums, they can undo some of these restrictions if they want,” Downey replied. “But this is the problem with the GOP messaging on abortion.”

“It’s not effective counterattacks because what Trump said in his statement was the extremism of the Democrats is astounding and it’s not marketed enough, the fact that they could support abortion up until the moment of birth and verges on infanticide,” she asserted.

“Well, the infanticide thing is a bit of a Republican talking point,” Kurtz interrupted. “Nobody is killing babies that have already been born.”

“But there’s extremism on the other side too, Howie,” Downey insisted.

Ed. Note: There is no extremism in wanting doctors and women to make the decision without government in the middle.

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