Paid Shill Newt Gingrich: 'Obama Lives In A Bubble'

Fox News and Trump sycophant Newt Gingrich were upset that President Obama defended the New York Times and MSNBC for not making up conspiracy theories like Fox News and most other right-wing news outlets.

Recent campus protests over Gaza have been used by Fox and other right-wing outlets to distract from Trump being on trial for election interference via porn star hush money.

Gingrich plays right into the Fox script, as he is paid to do. There MUST be “indoctrination on campuses” since students are protesting for Palestinians.

The natural culmination of left-wing ideological brainwashing on our campuses, so, you know, I think for Obama, none of that exists because he, you know, he lives in a nice little isolated world surrounded by people who say, ‘yes, you really are brilliant, Mr. President.’

And he believes them.

Newt Gingrich claims to know what Obama thinks and feels better than he does. The hatred just pours out from his cracked porcelain pores.

Fox News is a bubble all on its own,n and Trump soaks up the worship he receives from all right-wing media. if anyone lives in a bubble, it’s the Christian nationalistic MAGA cult.

Newt has to serve Trump because Donald gave Newt’s wife-slash-six-year mistress her dream job of Ambassador to the Vatican. Talk about blasphemy!

On topic, the left-wing blogosphere has a very special name for Mrs. Gingrich, and it ain’t “Ambassador.”

Given the collapse of Kristi Noem, we gotta wonder, is Newt vying for the VP spot?

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