Pillow Guy Rips Robin Vos: "Shame On Him. He's Disgusting."

Late last year, a group of MAGA misfits announced that they were going to recall Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos because he did not fire Elections Director Meagan Wolfe and didn’t fully immerse himself in The Big Lie.

In said effort, these wingnuts had a recall petition signing event in Southeast Wisconsin over the weekend. Headlining the event was none other than the biggest MAGA misfit, Mike Lindell.

While he was there, Lindell gave this soundbite to Matt Smith of WISN-TV:

Robin Vos? He’s been the biggest blocker to this country’s efforts to secure our elections as there is. He’s as bad as crooked Brad Raffensperger down in Georgia. No one is worse than Robin Vos. You don’t order an investigation or your state in an election, spend a lot of money on it, ten months. And they got all these investigators come out with a report and you bury it. That’s what Robin Vos did to Wisconsin and to our country. Shame on him. He’s disgusting

The big report that Lindell was talking about turned out to be just a regurgitation of The Big Lie with no evidence whatsoever to back it up. To make Vos look even more foolish, the Special Counsel he hired, former Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman got Vos tangled up in several open records lawsuits, raising the price of the fraudulent investigation into the millions of dollars.

And as for Wolfe, Vos couldn’t fire her. Her job is protected by a court order after they tried to fire her and then impeach her. But the law doesn’t matter to a MAGAt.

It is doubtful that the wannabe recallers will be successful in gathering enough signatures. In fact, their doomed efforts are actually helping Vos, since he is now able to raise campaign funds without limitations for the duration of the recall attempt. Presuming that the recall attempt fails, they just helped Vos get all this money in his war chest for November’s election.

But no one has ever accused a MAGAt of being smart.

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