Polygon Unveils Community Grants on QuickSwap's "All Roads Lead to Polygon" Podcast, Teases Rebranding

One of the most listened podcasts in the Web3 space, QuickSwap’s “All Roads Lead to Polygon” (ARLTP) recently reached new heights and garnered praise from the Web3 community across the globe. On its insightful April 12th episode, discussions delved into Polygon’s innovative Community Treasury Governance Model and its forthcoming high-volume grants for community builders.

Hosted by leading Polygon DeFi suite QuickSwap, the episode featured prominent guests including Rogue Bunnies (Playmates), Brave Browser VP of Business Operations Luke Mulks, CryptoPolitan, former SEC Attorney Alex Damsker and Polygon team members, who shared substantial perspectives on the importance and impact of community-driven governance operations.

During the podcast, anticipation peaked as Polygon’s announcement regarding upcoming grants unfolded. With a substantial capital reserve in its Community Treasury, Polygon’s ecosystem grants will empower, develop and enrich its expanding community — with an anticipated surge in funding applications.

Polygon’s Trailblazing Community Treasury Governance Model

As revealed on the podcast, Polygon’s Revolutionary Community Treasury Governance Model is led by a Community Treasury Board (CTB). Comprising five nominated experts committed to decentralization and ecosystem growth, the CTB plays a pivotal role in directing resources strategically to foster ecosystem development. 

Its responsibilities include determining allocation strategies, reviewing applications, approving expenditures, and ensuring transparency and accountability through post-cycle reporting. 

The board’s responsibilities include determining allocation strategies, reviewing applications, approving expenditures, and ensuring transparency, accountability and community involvement through post-cycle reporting. Regular community calls and forums gather input from stakeholders, while decisions on fund allocations often undergo community votes. Detailed reporting on funding disbursements further enhances transparency.

The governance framework aims to set a new standard for community-driven funding operations in Web3 ecosystems. Polygon shared further details on zkEVM Grants and Village Grants, with applications already open for the latter on the Polygon Village Form, signaling the accelerated progress.

Previously, Polygon had unveiled its plans for Polygon 2.0, marking the next phase of its Layer 2 scalability stack. Polygon 2.0 is a network of Layer 2 zk-rollups powered by zero-knowledge technology to enhance interoperability. The upgrade offers users a more intuitive experience within the Web3 ecosystem. Polygon’s high-performance zkEVM chain will also play a significant role, while the original PoS chain is scheduled for transition to a zkValidium chain for improved performance.

Likewise, QuickSwap established DragonFi 2.0 as a leading DeFi suite within the Polygon 2.0 ecosystem. With an eye on the year ahead, it anticipates significant progress for DragonFi 2.0 in 2024, leveraging the strategic expansion tool known as the QuickSwap Citadel. 

Since the Polygon 2.0 initiative kicked off, QuickSwap has been deploying on more Polygon CDK Citadels, the core framework of building the DragonFi 2.0 narrative.

The Future of QuickSwap’s ARLTP

QuickSwap’s “All Roads Lead to Polygon” (ARLTP) podcast continues to dominate the news cycle, featuring well known guests and fostering high-quality discussions, solidifying its status as the leading podcast in the Web3 sphere. Launched in March 2023, the podcast has now amassed a dedicated following within the crypto community with an active audience of more than 100K listeners. 

Speculation abounds within the crypto community suggest that QuickSwap’s “All Roads Lead to Polygon” may undergo rebranding slated for May 2024, potentially transitioning into QuickSwap’s “The Aggregated” podcast.

Renowned for its insightful explorations of blockchain technology and hosted by QuickSwap, the ARLTP podcast encourages critical discourse and open debate among well known industry experts and enthusiasts from the Web3 space worldwide, curated by the QuickSwap team. 

Emphasizing the importance of community-driven financial governance, ARLTP encourages meaningful discussions amongst the Web3 community, while providing credible and entertaining content for its audience, celebrating diverse perspectives.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice. 


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