Robin Vos – 2; Whack Jobs – 0

The second recall attempt against Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos was denied last week by the Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC), leaving the “whack jobs” zero for two. But to say that the way that decision was reached was a bit janky would be an understatement.

Earlier in the week, WEC staff determined that recall organizers had just barely collected enough signatures – sixteen more than the bare minimum needed – to force the recall. However, the WEC voted 4-2 to reject the petition, saying that 347 of the signatures were collected after the allotted time period. The problem arose because of the way the timing worked out. The group was supposed to turn in their petition and signatures by close of business on Monday, May 27th, which happened to be Memorial Day. Because of the holiday, the group was given until the next day to turn in their paperwork.

However, the group apparently took advantage of the extra day by collecting more signatures, which Vos said broke state law because it was outside of the time limit. From current reporting, it is unclear whether the group was told they couldn’t use that day to gather more signatures.

A little shady, right? Wait. There’s more. There’s always more.

Ultimately, four out of six commissioners voted to approve a motion to reject the effort put forward by Republican commissioner Don Millis, who was appointed to the panel by Vos. The motion rejected another batch of signatures from the petition tallies, which put recall seekers below the required threshold.

Vos did not immediately have a reaction to the commission’s action.

“I feel very strongly that any signatures collected on May 27 and May 28 are not valid. I don’t think that we’re denying anyone’s right to recall,” Millis said.

So, the guy who Vos appointed to the commission that Vos created said that the recall effort was invalid. Seems legit.

Naturally, the recall organizers were pissed. But being the idiots, morons and whack jobs that they are, they then totally missed the mark. Instead of blaming Vos or Vos’s henchman, they blame a person who had nothing to do with it – Meagan Wolfe!

“The Wisconsin Elections Commission has silenced Racine County!” the group posted. “They ‘took the easiest off ramp’ and denied our constitutional right to recall Robin Vos, who is shielding (commission administrator) Megan Wolfe, the WEC commissioner, and has appointed multiple WEC chairs who voted against the recall.”

Vos has appointed just one chair of the commission, however.

“Despite collecting well over the required signatures, the commission, led by Wolfe, ignored their attorneys’ recommendations to certify the recall petition,” the group posted. “Now, more than ever, we must vote out Robin Vos and demand the dismantling of the Wisconsin Elections Commission!”

To be perfectly clear, Wolfe had no vote in the matter. The only role that Wolfe did play was to supervise the staff who said that the recall organizers did have enough signatures.

But because their Fearless Leader said that it was all Wolfe’s fault that he’s a loser, they believe it with al of their black hearts.

But remember – it’s not a cult.

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