Robin Vos Says Hiring Election Frauditor Was Biggest Mistake

Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos was interviewed on UpFront and spoke about the recall effort he just survived. This led to a short discussion on how the recall was partially based on a report done by Michael Gableman, the former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice whom Vos had hired to do a fraudit on the 2020 elections. Vos got rather agitated and really dumped on him:

MATT SMITH: A lot of their concerns circles back to the Gableman report. You hired former justice Michael Gableman to review the 2020 election.Do you regret that hire now?

ROBIN VOS: Of course I do! I mean I said it six months ago that it was the biggest mistake since I became speaker. I thought that someone who was elected to the state supreme court would have legitimacy to be able to look at people and say yes, here are some areas where there are problems – and there certainly were issues in the 2020 election. Many of them were fixed in the 2022 election and I think even more are addressed in 2024. But Mike Gableman is probably the biggest single embarrassment I have ever had. I hope eventually he gets disbarred. He should not be an attorney. Anybody who thinks about hiring him, call me, because I will tell you what an awful decision I made in hiring Mike Gableman.

Unfortunately, Smith did not do any follow up questions on that comment. Vos needs to explain why he feels that hiring Gableman was a “mistake” and an “embarrassment.” Was it because Gableman got Vos and himself sued mutliple times for violating the open records laws? Was it that Gableman’s paperwork consisted mostly of receipts from a grocery store and gast stations? Was it because Vos has squandered over $3 million in taxpayer money fighting said open records lawsuits? Or was it because Gableman turned on Vos and supported Vos’s opponent in the 2022 elections?

Or maybe, just maybe, it was because Vos gave any sort of credence to the Big Lie in the first place. Nah, it could be that since Vos repeated it himself in this interview.

Regardless of why Vos is so upset about Gableman, it is safe to say that Vos’s hiring of Gableman was, unfortunately, far from being Vos’s biggest mistake or embarrassment. In fact, it probably wouldn’t even make the top ten.

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