Ron DeSantis Kisses The Trump Ring. You Knew He Would!

Ron DeSantis met with Trump for several hours in Miami yesterday, agreeing to fundraise and campaign for him. But mostly he was slobbering over Trump’s ring, right? Via the Washington Post:

Allies brokered the meeting in hopes of a potential détente between the two men, and Trump’s advisers hope DeSantis will tap his donor network to help raise significant sums of money for the general election, the people familiar with the matter said. Like others interviewed for this story, the people spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private deliberations.

The pair met for several hours and DeSantis agreed to help Trump. The meeting was friendly, according to a person with direct knowledge.

Trump and allied groups have lagged behind President Biden and his allies in the money chase. DeSantis has built a wide network of wealthy patrons whose assistance would be valuable in helping Trump try to close the gap, and is popular with some Republican voters who are exhausted by Trump.

Good old Puddin’ Fingers! You just knew his “principles” would dissolve in waves of Trump charm. Or intimidation. Hard to say.

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