Rubio Tries To Blame Biden For Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Well, this is just bizarre.

Marco Rubio on ABC’s This Week explaining that of course Biden is to blame for every bad thing happening around the entire world.

SEN MARCO RUBIO (R-FL): Look at the world, every single day we wake up to a new crisis, to a new conflict. Everything has gone on fire since the time Joe Biden took over. Afghanistan’s gone down. Ukraine has been invaded.

Now, the Philippines and the Chinese are on the verge of something bad happening every single day. Not to mention the threats to Taiwan. And we have this blowup in Haiti going on in our very own hemisphere. We take up every single day, terrorist attacks, 9 million people across the border. That’s what matters to me.

JONATHAN KARL (HOST): But – but – but you’re – but — I mean – I mean you’re not suggesting that’s all happening because of Biden and everything?

RUBIO: Absolutely I am.

KARL: But – well, let me –

RUBIO: Absolutely I’m suggesting it’s happening because of Biden. He’s president and his weakness and his –

KARL: Just because of Biden that – that Russia invaded Ukraine?

RUBIO: Absolutely.

No, not absolutely, Marco. I get it that you’re a Republican from Florida and have few options but to suck up to Mango Mussolini. But sucking up to Putin like that? Is not only embarrassing, it confirms what so many of us don’t even want to consider about your party. Compromised by a foreign power? Is that possible? Please convince me I’m wrong.

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