Russia's Defense Minister Shoigu Admits He Doesn't Know If They'll Win

A funny clip here seen earlier this week. Others have countered that the clip is taken out of context and is misleading, and cuts Shoigu off before he gives his full answer, where he adds “we have no other choice.” I don’t see it as making that much difference. The dude’s body language isn’t exactly screaming self-confidence, is it?

Source: Daily Mail

Russia’s defence minister merely shrugged when asked whether his forces will win the war, in a sign of just how bad the country’s invasion of Ukraine is going.

Sergei Shoigu, who has overseen his troops’ startling losses and battlefield failures, didn’t exude confidence in the military’s abilities in an interview on Russian TV yesterday.

Appearing deflated, he comically raised his shoulders with his arms outstretched as he said ‘we have no other option’ when asked whether Russia will win the war.

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