Sen. Warnock: Whenever Trump's 'Mouth Was Moving, He Was Lying'

Sen. Warnock joined NBC’s Meet the Press , but instead of dumping on President Biden’s bad debate performance like Kristen Welker tried to do, he made points about what’s really important in this upcoming election.

Keeping traitor Trump out of the Oval office.

Obama has said, and this was 90 minutes.

But let me tell you about that 90 minutes. Donald Trump lied the entire 90 minutes. One analysis said that he told about 30 lies. I’m not real good in math, but I think that’s about a lie every 90 seconds. That’s real talent. That means that whenever his mouth was moving, he was lying. And we can’t have somebody like that in the Oval Office. That’s not a talent we need leading the free world.

So Joe Biden has demonstrated not over 90 minutes, but over the last four years, the character and the metal of the man that he is.

And he has demonstrated this both in his public service and in his personal life. His is a life of public service, baptized in sorrow.

And it is why you feel his sense of care when you’re with him. And it’s our job. Democracy is a group project.

It’s our job to make sure that Donald Trump gets nowhere near the Oval Office.

Diminished Donald’s only talent is to lie like no other presidential candidate in US history. He is a cancer on the nation, being led by an evangelistic base that demands control of women’s bodies and to replace the US Constitution with the Bible.

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