Stephen Miller Pretends He’s Not Involved In Project 2025 (He’s In Their Ad)

Today I learned that Stephen Miller is not just the world’s most repulsive fascist and racist, he’s also as big a liar as his beloved convicted felon and sexual abuser, Donald Trump.

It would be funny if it weren’t so serious to watch Trump and Miller desperately try to distance themselves from Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, a plan to help enact an extremist MAGA and Christian nationalist agenda if the felon gets back into the White House. It’s exactly the kind of agenda these two want, they just don’t want you to know that’s the plan.

First, we had Trump ridiculously claiming to “know nothing about Project 2025” and that he has “nothing to do with them.”

Now Miller is trying to use the same fig leaf. As The Daily Beast reported, Miller attacked the Biden-Harris campaign on Twitter for correctly pointing out he stars in a recruitment video for the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025. There’s even a still from the video in the Biden-Harris tweet.

But Miller replied on Twitter, “I know you’re upset because your candidate has soft pudding for brains, but that’s not a recruitment ad. A while back I made a video for students on how to build skills. I have never been involved with Project 2025, not one word. But keep hoaxing, losers. Hoaxes are all you have.”

In the video, Miller is seen identifying himself as “senior adviser to the president.” And while it’s possible, but unlikely, Project 2025 slyly inserted a clip of him from a totally unrelated video, that would not explain how the America First Legal Foundation got on Project 2025’s advisory board. Miller is the president of that organization. He’s either not really in charge or – you know, lying

Also, the Project 2025 video Miller appears in sure quacks like a recruitment video. It states, “Our goal is to ensure that the conservative administration that takes office in January of 2025 is ready on Day One. The next conservative president will only be able to do so with your help. … It’s your job to ensure that that power is executed responsibly and in line with the president’s will. This is your chance to truly make a difference.” Rather than ask for money at the end, it invites viewers to join Project 2025 on its website,

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