Sure Looks Like Kavanaugh Told A Whopper Of A Lie During Confirmation

We’re witnessing the most corrupt Supreme Court in our lives, and it’s unsurprising that they can now accept gratuities. Clarence Thomas might need a new RV soon, so pay up if you need a favor. If you want democracy demolished and the presidency turned into a monarchy, they are there for you. And, of course, it’s not surprising that Justices like Brett Kavanaugh lied during his confirmation. Either that, or he’s been having lunch with the likes of Nick Fuentes and did an about-face.

Look how principled he was just a few years ago:

No one’s above the law in the United States of America.

Secondly, the president serves a term in office, not an unlimited term in office, again specified in Federalist 69.

The president is subject to the law.

No one’s above the law in the United States, including the president of the United States.

And that’s something that is made clear in Federalist 69.

Even in the national security context, where the Constitution gives the commander-in-chief power to the president, the president remains subject to the law.

A president is not above the law with respect to the criminal process.

No one is above the law in our constitutional system.

Federalist 69, Hamilton, makes clear all the ways that the executive branch, as designed by the framers of the Constitution, was different from the monarchy.

He also said, “No one is above the law in our constitutional system,” adding that the presidency is not a monarchy.

Now, it’s 2024, and Kavanaugh is complicit in tilting the United States toward a monarchy. We fought this once many years ago and can do it again; we just shouldn’t have to.

PS. Next up: Alito

PSS. Next up: Roberts

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