The Rise of Bitgert Coin: May 2024's Most Talked-About Crypto

Bitcoin has found its new local support at $60K and,, within a short time span, is back again trading above it. The crypto market is more resilient than ever. Despite the correction, its market cap did not fall below $2 trillion. What does this imply?

This means the market is maturing, and investors can play on the narratives that will rule the crypto market in 2024. In 2024, AI, RWAS, and L1 blockchain will rule the crypto narratives and minds of investors. 

What if we tell you there’s a token that fulfills all three and checks all the boxes for a good investment this bull season? That token is Bigert. Bitgert has waded successfully through the worst of the crypto market in 2022 and even reached an ATH then. 

Bitgert is a layer-1 ecosystem that has met with resounding success, given its slew of partnerships and meticulous efforts to build in-house capabilities like a zero trading fee CEX Bitgert exchange, an RWA-focused entity for anyone to buy real estate on-chain Bitgert real estate market, a P2P exchange, and a crypto gateway. It also provides a full-fledged suite of tools for developers to build their applications on. 

Developers love the BItgert ecosystem as it presents an opprtunity to build and scale securely and affordably., Bitgert has a trnasaction speed of 100K TPS with even industry leaders like Solana, Injecitve, Tron, etc., haven’t been able to achieve. It is the first zero-fee layer-1 blockchain on the scene. Even affordable chains like Solana have gas fees between $0.05-$0.06, but not in the case of Bitgert which has gas fees as low as $0.00000001! 

Bitgert has been continously developing its functionalities over the years.In 2021, BItgert rebranded itself as a Layer-1 blockchain. It had a market cap of $100K then and in 2024 Bitgert has reached a new ATH in market cap at $800 million. Bitgert looks ready to turn into a multi-billion-dollar ecosystem which has capabilties nad use cases spread across industres and sectors. Some of its new partnerships include names like: 

  • Crypto Mayhem, for the evolution of gaming within the metaverse

  • Prism Net to bring supercomputing to AI

  • Wow Earn, for groundbreaking advancements in decentralized technology

  • MedicalVEDA, to empower healthcare with Blockchain precision and AI insights

  • IXIRPAD, the incubator for WEB 3.0 innovation

  • Sands Casino, rewriting the future of gambling 

  • DeSui, to create a simplified gateway for WEB3.

Bitgert is continuously building and innovating and joining hands with industry leaders to build use cases and capabilities within its ecosystem. BItgert has a strong and dedicated community of users active across social media and vtransavting daily via its platform .

Bitgert token BRISE is a BRC-20 that has performed extremely well since December 2022 until the April correction giving investors a return of 70% on their investments on a monthly basis. Experts predict Bitgert will witness a 2,000% jump in the coming months. The technical indicators point to a building momentum. If you are seeking good invesmtents don’t miss your chance ot invest in Bitgert today. 

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