The Top Guide for Savvy Crypto Investing in 2024

The 2024 bull run has ignited a frenzy in the crypto market. As prices soar and headlines capture the latest surges, investors are seeking smart strategies to maximize their returns. This guide presents a comprehensive approach to navigate the highs and lows of the market. It offers insights and tips for both new and seasoned investors aiming to make informed decisions. The aim is to help readers capitalize on the ongoing boom and make the most of their investments this year.

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Solana’s Price Movement Examined

Solana has had a dynamic price range from $127.30 to $154.40 recently. Over the last week, the price dropped by about 16.94%, and it fell by 32.91% in the last month. However, looking back six months, SOL has impressively gained 216.50%. With an RSI of 31.46, Solana’s price is in a corrective move, showing signs of potential undervaluation.

Considering Solana’s recent downturns and key technical indicators like a low RSI and a negative MACD value, some caution is advised for short-term expectations. Nonetheless, the strong half-year gain presents an optimistic aspect. SOL could recover if it stays above the nearest support at $116.59, with possible growth leading to resistance levels of $170.79 and even $197.89.

NEAR Protocol Price Overview: Stability in Question as Sentiment Shifts

NEAR Protocol’s price has seen significant movement. Over the past week and month, NEAR’s value has decreased by 8.31% and 7.12%, respectively. However, looking at the past six months shows an impressive increase of 321.69%. Currently, NEAR is trading between $6.38 and $7.68. The coin’s movement suggests a corrective phase, with prices struggling to climb past $7.68, indicating a possible downturn from the recent highs.

NEAR’s price future is uncertain. Its current position near the lower end of its price range, along with a low RSI of 28.42, suggests it might be undervalued, which could attract buying interest. However, the bearish MACD of -0.09 and extremely low Stochastic of 3.12 imply weakness. If NEAR can sustain above its support at $5.71, a push towards $8.31 or even $9.61 is possible. But if it breaks below $5.71, a further slide to $4.41 might occur. Investors should watch for signs of reversal or continued corrective movement.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Movement: A Closer Look

Polygon’s price has been on a rollercoaster, now in the $0.68 to $0.76 range. The past week hasn’t been great, with a drop of over 9%. Looking back a month, it’s even steeper, sinking by 31%. But over the last six months, things look steadier, with a slight increase of 0.60%. Prices are making small ups and downs, suggesting a corrective trend after earlier drops.

For MATIC, the future looks mixed. The coin is hovering above a key support at $0.64 but faces hurdles at $0.81 and higher at $0.89. Some think the price could bounce back, especially with growing use of the Polygon network. However, others are cautious, noting a low RSI might mean less buying and the possibility of a further slip. Markets are unpredictable, so MATIC could go either way.

Ondo Crypto Price Insight

Ondo (ONDO) has been trading between $0.70 and $0.89 recently. The price has decreased by about 6.33% this past week, showing a bigger drop of 17.76% over the past month. However, looking back six months, ONDO has jumped significantly by 2358.87%. The current RSI indicates that the coin might not be overly bought or sold, tilting slightly towards being sold more, considering the price moves appear to be on a corrective trend after the extreme rise in the past.

The future price of ONDO could potentially test the $1.00 resistance, given the correct market conditions, but the coin also faces a potential decline towards its support at $0.62. If the selling pressure continues and the coin breaks past the support, the next level to watch would be $0.43. However, the significant gains over the last six months bring cautious optimism, suggesting that with strong fundamentals and market sentiment, ONDO might approach or even break through the $1.20 resistance level ahead.


For savvy investors looking to navigate the 2024 crypto bull run, coins like SOL, NEAR, MATIC, and ONDO are now drawing less attention for short-term growth. Instead, BlastUP stands out with the highest potential, mainly due to its innovative concept and its integration within the established Blast ecosystem. This project offers a promising opportunity for those aiming to capitalize on the emerging trends and growth within the cryptocurrency space.





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