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TikTok will continue to hire as Meta and Twitter cut staff

While Silicon Valley is dealing with job cuts and hiring freezes, TikTok is at least one social media company that is still looking to hire.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the short-form video app is still committed to its goal to hire nearly 1,000 engineers at its Mountain View location. This particular hiring target is tied to the company’s goal to ensure US user data is monitored by a team based out of the United States, amid scrutiny in Washington due ToteDance’s ties with China.

The Information first reported on TikTok’s plans to hire.

Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok, stated that the company is still recruiting at last week’s Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore. This was in response to questions about layoffs at other tech companies like Amazon and Meta, which are parent companies to Facebook.

Chew stated that “we have always been more cautious when it comes to recruitment.” “At this stage in our growth, I believe that our pace and our cadence of hiring are just right.”

Meta announced in recent weeks that it would be cutting 11,000 jobs within the company. Twitter also cut half of its staff under Elon Musk’s ownership, while Amazon confirmed that it has begun extensive layoffs. These companies expanded too quickly, according to former and current leaders. This was especially true during the internet pandemic. These same tech companies now face whiplash in demand, cutting thousands of jobs as the economy deteriorates and recession fears mount.

This shift in Silicon Valley’s hiring landscape could be a boon for TikTok, as it seeks to please critics and strengthen its position in America. It also helps TikTok in expanding into new product categories.

TikTok’s global career portal site currently lists over 4,000 positions. However, it is unclear how frequently the site is updated. As the first reports about hiring freezes and other cost-cutting measures emerged from Silicon Valley in October, TikTok was praised for listing new eCommerce-related positions that suggested it was looking to establish a logistics and warehouse network in the United States.

Chew stated that “We are still hiring,” but that it was “but, you know,” and that the pace of the conference “is consistent with the global challenges we face.”

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