Tim Scott Repeats Infanticide Smears Against Democrats

Sen. Tim Scott promoted another BIG Lie about the issue of abortion on Meet the Press by callously claiming all Democrats want to murder babies after they are born.

All Republicans supporting traitor Trump have to lie about almost every topic since diminished Donald is so corrupt and immoral, but saying that anyone that isn’t a right to life fanatic supports infanticide is truly sick.

SEN. TIM SCOTT: I have certainly not changed about my position whatsoever. Here’s what I’m telling you. The fact of the matter is that every single Democrat in the Senate and in the House have voted for abortion up until the day of birth. The former governor of Virginia has said – he was a pediatrician – even infanticide. So, stopping late term abortions is something that 90% of Americans actually believe in –

KRISTEN WELKER: – Hold on. Democrats don’t support – that’s false, senator. Democrats don’t support –

SEN. TIM SCOTT: – Kristen –

KRISTEN WELKER: – Infanticide.

SEN. TIM SCOTT: – Kristen, they’ve already voted for it, Kristen –

KRISTEN WELKER: – Senator, no, no, no. Senator, but as you know, late term abortions are exceedingly rare.

SEN. TIM SCOTT: – They voted for abortions up until the day of birth –

KRISTEN WELKER: – As you know, they are exceedingly rare –

SEN. TIM SCOTT: Listen, I’m just telling you what they voted for –

KRISTEN WELKER: – and almost always in the state of a medical health crisis.

SEN. TIM SCOTT: – I’m just telling you how they voted. Kristen, you cannot deny the fact that the Democrats have voted – not talked about, but voted – for abortions until the day of birth. That is a fact. You can look that up in the records of Congress. So, I’m not talking about hypotheticals. You continue to bring me hypotheticals. The truth is, and I got to say, this is kind of – kind of interesting, the truth is simple. The Democrats are radical. 90% of Americans don’t agree with them.


SEN. TIM SCOTT: Let’s get back to following what the Dobbs decision created, which is an opportunity –


SEN. TIM SCOTT: – for the states to make their decision.

KRISTEN WELKER: Senator, just – just very quickly, though, it’s important to point out –

SEN. TIM SCOTT: Yes, ma’am.

KRISTEN WELKER: – abortions in later term pregnancies are exceedingly rare. Have you changed your position, though? Do you still support a national abortion ban?

SEN. TIM SCOTT: I support having the next president of the United States be the most pro-life president we’ve had –

KRISTEN WELKER: Yes or no? National abortion ban, senator?

SEN. TIM SCOTT: – and that would be Donald J. Trump.

KRISTEN WELKER: Do you support a national abortion ban?

SEN. TIM SCOTT: Here’s – here’s what we know. It will never get to the president’s desk. President Donald Trump will continue to reinforce the Dobbs decisions, which puts the decision back to the States.

Trump is about as pro-life as much as John Gotti supported Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, who sent him to prison for life.

Trump is using the white Evangelical MAGA cult to fill his pockets and hopefully make him the first US fascist dictator of all time.

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