Tow truck driver delivers fatal punch in NYC parking spot dispute, police say

A parking dispute between two men in Brooklyn, N.Y. turned deadly Saturday when police said one of the men took a swing at the other.

The fatal strike happened on Clarkson Avenue in East Flatbush after a 30-year-old tow truck driver arrived around 8:45 p.m. to remove a car parked illegally, according to police.

Police said the owner of the car, a 61-year-old man, tried to stop the tow. At one point the driver allegedly started banging on the side of the truck to stop the tow.

The altercation became physical, with the tow truck driver delivering a punch that knocked the older man to the ground, police said.

Medics transported the 61-year-old man to Brookdale Hospital but his injuries proved fatal. His identity has not been released by authorities.

Police said the tow truck driver was taken into custody. No criminal charges were immediately announced.

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