Traton and Plus deal marks autonomous truck milestone

Autonomous trucking could dramatically alter the way goods are moved around the world. As computers take on all or most of the driving tasks, driver costs will dwindle or disappear, safety and fuel efficiency will improve, and vehicle uptime could skyrocket. With a clear business case, trucking is widely regarded as one of the lower hanging fruits within the various use cases of autonomy. Fortune Business Insights predicts that the global autonomous truck market will develop at a CAGR of 10.8%, from US$33bn in 2023 to US$68bn by 2030.

Silicon Valley start-up Plus is just one of the hopefuls jockeying for a foothold in this emerging sector. The company’s Open Platform for Autonomy (OPA) is powered by AI models and designed to support autonomous driving capabilities across different sensors, processors, vehicle platforms and powertrains. It’s been packaged into a suite of software solutions ranging from driver assistance systems like the highly automated PlusDrive to the SAE Level 4 autonomous SuperDrive. “This type of autonomous technology will have a transformational impact on transportation, improving safety, efficiency, and productivity,” says Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Shawn Kerrigan.

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