Trey Gowdy: Nobody In Their Right Mind Would Want To Be Speaker

The “Benghazi” congressman turned Fox News host is mad as hell about the dysfunction in the House of Representatives and he’s pointing fingers at the MAGA Freedom Caucus.

Gowdy was asked by Fox host Rich Edson if Republicans got the best deal they could have in the House budget that was soon to pass in the Senate.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Gowdy said. Then he immediately launched verbal missiles at some members of his own party. “Speaker McCarthy, I think, got a better deal. But remember, they got rid of him,” he groused.

That was only the beginning. He noted that Republicans underperformed in the 2022 midterms and the 2021 runoff election in which two Republican senators were defeated in Georgia. “So, if you’re wondering why you’re trying to negotiate against Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden, it’s because Republicans can’t pick the right candidate and they can’t win elections,” Gowdy said. Now, the House margin is so thin, Republicans are on the verge of losing the majority altogether, he pointed out.

“You want to see a bad budget bill? Let the Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White House,” Gowdy roared.

“They got nobody to blame but themselves for picking the wrong candidates, running bad races and losing winnable elections,” he added.

Gowdy called Speaker Mike Johnson “a wonderful person,” but clearly thought he’s not up to the job. “You and I would not be talking about Speaker Mike Johnson had it not been for Matt Gaetz and seven of his comrades who decided to pursue fame and get rid of Kevin McCarthy,” Gowdy said. “What have they gotten as a result of that? How has the House been improved?”

Then, without naming Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, he blasted her motion to vacate, i.e. unseat Johnson from his speakership, that she claimed was just “a warning,” before the House went on recess.

“They could be talking about the border. They could be talking about inflation, Rob Hur’s special counsel report. But no, they’re going to be talking about an internecine battle, which does not help you win the Senate in November,” Gowdy yelled. “It doesn’t help you win the White House, and it doesn’t help you grow your GOP margin in the House.”

Gowdy also reminded viewers that Matt Gaetz and his MAGA buddies ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy and that Reps. Jim Jordan, Tom Emmer and Steve Scalise were not deemed good enough to replace him. “So, no, you got Mike Johnson,” he scoffed. Now, MTG and her cronies might boot him, too, Gowdy left unsaid.

“What person who could actually pass a psychiatric competency test, would want to lead a group that includes Matt Gaetz and Bob Goode,” Gowdy asked.

This may be the first and last time I’ll say this, but Gowdy is 100% right. Too bad he didn’t have the stones to say out loud how much of the dysfunction is Donald Trump’s fault.

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