Trump Claims He'll Testify In NY Voter Deception Trial

It seems lying about non-citizens voting and claiming that overturning Roe v Wade is causing a “very beautiful harmony” weren’t the only ridiculous lies that Trump told during his press conference this Friday at Mar-a-Lago with MAGA Mike Johnson.

He was also asked about his upcoming voter deception (aka hush money) trial, where jury selection is set to start this Monday, and whether he’d be willing to testify or not. Trump told reporters he’d testify while ranting about how terribly unfair all of the pending cases against him supposedly are. As Business Insider noted, we’ve heard this one before:

Former President Donald Trump on Friday said he will “absolutely” testify in his upcoming Manhattan hush-money trial, which is set to begin jury selection on Monday morning.

But Trump hasn’t always kept his testimony promises. […]

In a Friday press conference at Mar-a-Lago, Trump told reporters he plans to testify in the trial, which he called a “scam” and “witch hunt.”

“I’m testifying. I tell the truth. All I can do is tell the truth and the truth is they have no case,” he said.

Trump’s pledge to testify, however, far from assures he will actually take the stand. People familiar with his planning told The New York Times that Trump will likely wait to decide whether he testifies until he sees how strong a case District Attorney Alvin Bragg presents. The former president will also likely make a decision based on whether the judge allows prosecutors to cross examine him on the stand, the outlet reported.

During his December trial on fraud charges in New York civil court, Trump cancelled his testimony just one day before he was supposed to take the stand a second time in the case — an abrupt pivot from his lawyers’ previous insistence that Trump would testify again.

He’s incapable of telling the truth and he’ll never stand up to cross examination, so he’s full of it when he says he’s going to testify. I’m sure his one last hope is that they can get at least one MAGA juror in there to save him. We’ll find out in the coming weeks whether they succeed.

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