Trump: Democrats, Republicans And Liberals Wanted Me To Overturn Roe

Former President Donald Trump knows that the right to choose for women is popular. He massively fucked up when he appointed justices to overturn Roe while trying to kiss his evangelical supporters on their collective hypocritical butts. He knows. So, now that he’s running to get the coveted keys to the White House again, but this time to stay out of prison, he’s acting like a used car salesman trying his damnedest to sell a Ford Pinto to a car-savvy couple. Trump is in Wisconsin giving a pitch to his supporters, who will, without doubt, gobble it up and believe anything the snake oil salesman says.

“It was always the plan, from the great legal experts of this country and even the world, but from the great legal experts to everybody, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives,” Trump falsely said. “They wanted to get abortion out of the federal government.”

Note: No, we did not, Mr. Liar Pants.

“Everybody wanted that,” he insisted. “That was uniform. Then, about 10 years ago, people lost their way.”

“They started talking about, you know, how many months?” he continued. “What do you think? What do you do? What kind?”

“And they forgot the original aim was to take abortion out of the federal government and move it into the individual states and let the people decide,” Trump said. “And we were able to do that. After 53 years, we were able to do that. And now you’ll see it.”

“It’s rather generally, look, some people will be very happy,” he added. “Some people won’t be as happy, but time will make this. It’s really been incredible.”

He’s wrong, but at least he’s consistent. I want my nieces and even a couple of my MAGA woman family members to have the same right to choose as I did when I decided to have an abortion. I want all younger people to have that choice. It’s a deeply personal decision and not one that’s made lightly.

For me, I was suicidal, and I’m sure I wouldn’t be here now if I would have been forced to have my rapist’s baby. It’s our choice. It’s not about men, and Republicans are getting creepy about it as they say the quiet part out loud. The only reason I mentioned my personal decision to opt for an abortion is because Republicans have stigmatized the legal procedure. I won’t let them make me feel guilty for choosing to live. Women get them for a list of reasons, each one being equally personal.

And Trump has revealed that he’s OK with red states monitoring women’s pregnancies. Ladies and friends of ladies, let’s shut all of this craziness down in November. We are not cattle. We are a vast, coveted voting bloc. Let’s make some noise in Roevember. Fuck this shit. LFG!

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