Trump Had On-Brand Message For Donors Who Wanted Photos With Him At Fundraiser

For Republican donors who reportedly paid at least $40,000 to attend Saturday’s Mar-a-Lago event, it was no snap to take a photo with Donald Trump, according to The Washington Post.

Relying on taped audio from one attendee and the accounts of others, The Post wrote that GOP presidential candidate Trump “complained about having to take so many pictures with donors and told people in the crowd that if they didn’t get a picture, it was because they didn’t give enough money.”

He also told supporters that a wedding at his Florida estate got preference over them “because the wedding was paying more per person to be there.”

The report indicated just how steep the price was for attention at the Republican National Committee function.

“Anyone who makes a $1 million donation right now to the Republican Party … I will let you come up and speak,” Trump declared, per The Post. Two donors went on stage and one proclaimed: “Donald J. Trump is the person that God has chosen.”

The fundraiser followed a profitable April for Trump’s presidential campaign and the RNC. The two said they raised more than $76 million, Reuters reported, despite the former president’s ongoing trial for allegedly disguising hush money payments to a porn star as business expenses.

In March, Trump and the RNC raised $65.6 million, which was exceeded by President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ $90 million haul.


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