Trump Refuses To Condemn Putin For Navalny's Death

Donald Trump exhibited mild displeasure over the death of Alexei Navalny, but wouldn’t say that Putin was the cause of his demise.

Media Buzz host Howie Kurtz asked if Putin drew any responsibility for his rival’s death.

“I don’t know, but perhaps. I mean, possibly,” Trump hawed. “I could say probably. I don’t know.”

“He’s a young man, so, statistically he’d be alive for a long time,” Trump continued. “If you go by the insurance numbers, he’d be alive for another 40 years.


Statistically, really? Insurance numbers?

“So something happened that was unusual,” Trump continued. “You certainly can’t say for sure, but certainly that would look like something bad happened.”

Talk about giving a mealy-mouthed answer.

Trump has lived off the idea that we know he did something bad, but you can’t pin it on him.

Just lie, lie, and lie some more.

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