Trump Threatens A 'Bloodbath' If He Loses In November

Donald Trump cannot get anywhere near the Oval Office again. He continues to get closer to an insanity defense after every rally, with a true display of mental illness taking hold during a Saturday afternoon rally in Ohio. He cursed, threatened immigrants, ranted about Biden beating Obama in an election and then, and most frighteningly, threatened a BLOODBATH if he loses in November.

Response was swift

Is this the new version of the “stand back and stand by” instruction Trump gave to the Proud Boys at a debate directly before the 2020 election — and which led to the Proud Boys participating in the insurrection on January 6th??

A few more disturbing clips.

A rant about wars.

Anti-vaxxine rants:

Joe Biden beating Barack Obama?

I don’t even understand the train of thought for this one…

A dig at Ukraine, of course

Bernie Moreno, who just the other was credibly shown to have had a profile on Adult Friend Finder looking for a YOUNG MAN to hook up with….Bernie is KISSING THE RING

Just bonkers. This man is certifiable. His brain is swiss cheese. Noodles. Rotten lettuce. Empty space with a monkey banging tiny cymbals together. Whatever is going up there, it is not normal.


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