Trump Trial: Week 2 Of Testimony Starts With A Bang!

The second week of the Donald Trump criminal trial testimony began with a bang!

First up, a ruling on the gag order. Trump was found in criminal contempt and fined $1k for each of the 9 violations. He was also ordered to remove the offending 9 posts by 2:15pm (which he complied with) AND warned that he will be incarcerated (maybe) for future violations.

Reminder: there is a 2nd gag order violation hearing scheduled for this Thursday morning.

Moving on, they had a few witnesses dragged in purely to confirm that documents or video being admitted were validated (lawyers can agree to submit without argument to move things along, but Trump’s lawyers are acting like a-holes and slowing stuff down).

Then, a pretty big surprise witness: Keith Davidson, the former attorney for Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels. He actually provided so much information that HE may be the star witness, not Michael Cohen. Michael Cohen will actually corroborate DAVIDSON’s testimony, not the other way around. And even worse for Donald Trump, Davidson was credible and punched numerous holes in Trump’s possible defense on both timeline and how involved Trump was in the hush money payments.

The contract

Access Hollywood tape has entered the chat

Nicknames have arrived

The money shot, literally

This is the nail in the coffin:

Also, Trump’s voice was heard in the courtroom for the first time..lying, of course. Here is a bit of what he was spewing (back before the 2016 election, of course):

TRUMP: They’re trying to poison the mind of the American voter…Every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign…The 5% of the people think it’s true and maybe 10% think we don’t, we don’t win.

In the clip he also threatened to sue the women, which of course he never did.

Tomorrow is a no court day, so we will be back on Thursday for the 2nd gag order hearing and more testimony from Keith Davidson!

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