Tuberville Opens His Mouth, And Stupid Just Falls Out From It

Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville spoke with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo and opined that President Joe Biden is not running the country. Instead, it’s Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama. If so, congrats to them for bringing us out of the pandemic and bringing back a booming economy!

“We don’t know about the conversation in the Senate right now about Joe Biden’s mental fitness,” Bartiromo said while not questioning the raging narcissist, who is running on a platform for retribution.

“Well, we’ve all known Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, and Obama’s been running the country along with Blinken and Sullivan out of the White House,” Tuberville said without offering proof. “They’ve been making all this.”

“Joe Biden had been making decisions,” he continued. “He might have first year had some say so about what’s going on. But he’s been out of it since after the first first year in office.”

“And you can tell by Schumer’s actions, Pelosi’s actions, the first two years they were calling the shot,” he insisted. “So hopefully, people understand that they’ve had total control, not the president, but Schumer and Pelosi and all the deep state, the deep state’s total control of this.”

“And hopefully, we can we can get control of it and get the Democrats out of control and get Trump and all the Republicans running this country,” the dumbfuck added.

He lives in a lovely fantasy world. It’s like the red-wave Republicans thought would happen but never did. As for the House, it’s likely to be Democratic-led. Democrats only need to win all the districts where they are currently favored in the Cook Political Report’s ratings. Then, they need to take four of the 11 Republican-held toss-up seats. And with Project 2025 being highlighted in the news, that’s not good for Trump. And women are pissed off after Roe was overturned, and we’ll be showing up in drove. We’ll see what happens on that one.

Bite me, Tommy, you dumbfuck.

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