Tulsi Launches A 'Many People Say' Story To Tucker To Bash Biden

Tucker Carlson asked Tulsi Gabbard, “Who is running the government at this point?” and Tulsi Gabbard (I-MAGA) launched into a “many people say” story that sounded like a certain former President who tells sir stories. Were these “many people” big, strong men with tears in their eyes? That sounds so familiar. And this is a weird attack from conservatives who try to call the President “Sleepy” or old and senile while also claiming that he’s running a nefarious government out to get Donald Trump with a weaponized Department of Justice.

“Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not in office right now, but they still continue to wield immense power in influencing the decisions that are being made,” Gabbard said.

Note: Wait until she hears about former President Trump, who orders Republicans not to back bipartisan bills to make Biden look bad. That will blow her mind.

“So, can I just sort of sidebar, but I think relevant, interesting, are you answering the question that everyone watching has, which is who is running the government at this point?” a confused Tucker Carlson said. “It’s obviously not Joe Biden. You think Hillary Clinton?”

“It’s not a leap of imagination to know that that’s true when you look at the people who are in Joe Biden’s administration,” she said.

Note: It is a leap of the imagination, you weirdo.

“They are the people who were the right hands for the Obama administration, for President Obama, and for Hillary Clinton,” she continued as if she couldn’t stop herself. “When Hillary Clinton said herself the other day, she said, oh yeah, I talk to the White House every day.”

“So it is no shock or surprise who the influences are behind the policies that are coming out of this White House that many people say is the most radical and woke White House that our country has ever seen,” she added.

“Oh, well, there’s no question about it,” Tuckems said.

She really wants to get that VP slot from Trump. She’s out there sounding like she might put on a horned fur hat while carrying a Confederate flag around the hallways of the Capitol while chanting, “Hang Mike Pence!” any minute now. Girl, go on, do it. You’d rock that hat so hard. She’s even going full anti-woke on us, too.

Tuckems sure seems to want her as VP. Isn’t this cute?:

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