Ultra-Rich CO Town Provides Tiny Homes For Teacher Housing

High school woodworking students in Colorado are building tiny homes for their teachers and staff because of a mounting housing crisis in some wealthy Colorado cities. Via Business Insider:

The industrious teenagers know it isn’t a permanent solution, but it highlights how dire the situation has become for teachers who were already spread too thin for not enough money and are now burnt out by the coronavirus pandemic.

In a ski town with ultra-rich residents, high schoolers in Aspen High School’s woodshop program are building a 200-square-foot tiny home for one of the district employees, The Colorado Sun reported. Aspen School District and Summit School District, both of which include resort towns, have both turned to student-built tiny homes for district employees – amid what state officials have called an affordability crisis.

“We want to achieve more sustainable and affordable development in Colorado,” Gov. Jared Polis said in an August executive order requesting information from state agencies on the topic, according to Colorado Newsline.

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