Watters: Noem 'Shot The Dog. Obama Ate It. Which Is Worse?'

Fox finally got around to reporting on puppy-killer Kristi Noem, and but not without this ridiculous whataboutism from The Five’s Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters. It was radio silence over on Fox for at least three days after the story about Noem exploded, and I guess they decided they couldn’t ignore it any longer, so they finally ran a few segments like the one above discussing the dog shooting incident in Noem’s memoir.

Gutfeld started things off explaining the gruesome tale and asked Dana Perino to weigh in. Perino had no defense for what Noem did and commented that maybe she should have hired some better editors for her book if this incident didn’t raise a red flag for them. Gutfeld had another theory, which was followed by Judge Box-O-Wine going on the attack against Noem.

GUTFELD: I think there’s a story behind the story. The story about killing the puppy was already out there, and so she wanted a vice signal ahead of time to try to control it, because she knew it could ruin her chances.

PIRRO: Well, what’s interesting is that she said that she shot Cricket, after the book was published, she said shot the dog, the puppy Cricket, twenty years ago. But I think, I think the whole thing reeks of desperation. I think you have a woman who desperately wants to be vice president and ultimately president, and so she says I can be tough like a man. How can it be tough like a man? I can kill a puppy.

But you know the hate, and Dana reference this, she said this puppy ruined the hunt by chasing pheasants and having the time of her life.

I have four rescues and I have a puppy, I got to tell you, you know, what she’s done is she’s sabotaged herself, whether or not it was to buttress what was coming down the road, but she also managed to unite the right and the left.

Because America, if nothing else, we are dog lovers. And don’t tell me you shot a pup because it wasn’t used to hunting. You know, maybe you’re not a good teacher. Maybe there’s a problem. And this whole thing with the chickens, you know, were the chickens dead? Was your dog on their property? Should you have had your dog on a leash? Should your farm have been fenced? I could go on and on because I love dogs.

Mark the calendar. Pirro said something I agree with for once. This was followed by the same sort of feigned outrage we saw back in 2012, which at the time was a lame effort to distract from Mitt Romney putting the family dog in a carrier on the roof of their car when they went on vacation. Here it is again folks. Let’s attack Obama for being fed dog meat when he was a child.

GUTFELD: You know Jesse, the only thing I could say on her defense is, at least she didn’t eat the dog, like President Hussein Obama!

WATTERS: Right. She shot the dog. Obama ate it. What’s worse?

GUTFELD: Well, actually, she shot, shooting the dog was pretty bad.

FOWLER: You know it’s true.

GUTFELD: Yes. The dog was having the time of his life, which is now an actual accurate statement. It was the last time he had!

Sorry Jesse, but someone feeding something to a child that they have no control over is not just like a adult shooting their kid’s pet. I found no more mentions of Noem’s name today on Fox, so it looks like they’re right back to ignoring this story again. They ran four segments yesterday on it, and that’s it. How many segments and how many weeks does anyone think they’d be spending on this story if it was a Democrat that shot their puppy and then bragged about it in a book?

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