'We needed a change': Londoners on projected Labour win

STORY: :: July 4, 2024

:: London

:: A Labour win would be a ‘welcome change’

say patrons in a London restaurant

:: “There needed to be a change and actually and actually I really like Kier Starmer. But what I’d definitely like is some opposition. So we were just saying, probably it’ll swing back down to 340-350 (seats) for Labour. So at least there will be a little bit of opposition there for the Conservatives.”

:: “We needed a change because the Conservatives haven’t done a great job over the last few years, which is great news. But I don’t like (how much they’re winning by) as it would be great if there was a balance between Labour and the Conservatives. But I still want Labour to win.”

However, they said the extent of the projected win could deprive the Conservatives of any chance of being an effective opposition.

The exit poll said Labour leader Keir Starmer will comfortably become Britain’s next prime minister, with historic losses forecast for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives.

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