Yes, Julian, You Can Write The Constitution Without God In It

CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan is working on a special investigation into the pervasiveness and perversity of Christian Nationalism and the misinformation it brings with it.

In his latest segment, he shows an encounter he had with a woman named Julian Lightfoot, who was adamant that our Constitutional rights were God given rights because God is in the Constitution. Narrator’s voice: He’s not.

“The facts have shown that the election was stolen,” said Lightfoot. “Whether you’re willing to look at that and accept that and really show what’s going on, that’s your issue, not ours. We want the God-given freedom that our Constitution and our Bill of Rights is based on.”

“God-given constitutional rights,” repeated O’Sullivan. “They’re two different things, right?”

“No, sir, they’re not,” insisted Lightfoot. “Read, R-E-A-D the Constitution, read it out loud to yourself, so that you hear what the words of the Constitution say.”

“God isn’t mentioned in the Constitution,” said O’Sullivan.

“Sir,” chided Lightfoot. She proceeded to pull out her phone and look up the verbatim text of the Constitution, staring silently at it as she looked for any mention of God, at which point the footage cut back to anchor Jake Tapper in the newsroom with O’Sullivan.

Man, I would have loved to have seen the smugness leave her face as she realized he was correct. That’s always the best part!

However, this segment also shows the importance of voting. Let’s face it, people like Lightfoot are going to go out and vote, even though their heads are like concrete – all mixed up and firmly set.

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