Fox And Friends Flips Out: Katie Couric Was Mean To MAGA!

Katie Couric was interviewed by Bill Maher, where she offended the snowflakes of Fox and Friends.

Resentment and jealousy are two components of the MAGA cult, but it’s much more hateful than that. Maher tried to defend the white-nationalist anti-Democratic cult and offer up the culture war lies they had been spoon-fed and living off of since COVID struck.

That soothed Brian, Steve, and Ainsley.

Doocy: So he was trying to explain to her the mindset. Yeah, he’s saying we need to understand — get inside the mind of the Trump voter.

‘My son thinks maybe he’s not a boy. Maybe that’s true. That happens. That’s what they say. That’s why they are voting for Trump.’ So he was trying to explain to [Couric] the mindset.

Earhardt: Yeah, he’s saying we need to understand, get inside the mind of the Trump voter.

Let’s if I can get inside the mind of a Trump voter: All Democrats are pedophiles, especially school teachers. All Democrats want to change your kid’s gender. All democrats are Marxist, communist, socialist thugs that want to take your money and give it to “illegals.” Biden opened up the border so he could then make noncitizens eligible to vote in federal elections. Only Christians should be recognized, etc…

Earhardt: But I feel like when [Couric] talks about class disparity and elitism and people being jealous, that reminds me of the far, far left of like the Bernie Sanders who say, if you have a lot of money, you need to give it to the people who don’t have a lot of money.

That’s a lie. Income disparity has gotten so much worse from Trump’s tax cuts that only helped the 1%. So making sure million and billionaires pay their fair share is not handing it over hand over fist to non-whites.

As he often does, Lawrence Jones made a stupid analogy to protect MAGA from any criticism.

Jones: So they’re resentful people with money and class, but they choose the billionaire. It makes absolutely no sense. And these are people that go to work every single day.

It doesn’t make any sense that any religious person of integrity would support Trump at all.

Jones: You know what they’re mad at and then hell about? It’s about a two-tiered justice system. The fact that the government wants to take their money, get involved with their business has nothing to do… culture.

Kilmeade explained how much Trump supporters love him.

Kilmeade: Like you, like Jamie Dimon, said enough. If you don’t like the guy, you’re putting down his people every time you insult the guy. Wake up.

Well, people on social media were writing about this. They said “out of touch,” “it’s full of people that she’s never met and wouldn’t lower herself to be around.”

This is so disgusting and shows how out of touch she is. Make no mistake. This is how the media views Trump supporters.

The whine on Fox and Friends is always stale.

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