George Santos Wants More Liars And Frauds In Congress

George Santos, the serial liar who was expelled from Congress for multiple financial malfeasances, told Stew Peters (of course) that Congress actually needs more people like him.

RightWingWatch describes Peter’s as a vehement antisemite, violent conspiracy theorist, vicious bigot, and virulent racist. He’s also a virulent ant-vaxxer, who produced a movie in 2023, that claims swathes of people are suddenly and suspiciously dropping dead in large numbers, and that Covid vaccines are to blame.

Santos: We need more outsiders like myself, like Matt Gaetz, and people who are willing to fight for the American people. That’s why every single time you see an outsider like Lauren Boebert or AOC, I don’t like AOC’s policies.

I don’t agree with her. But I can tell you one thing, she’s not corrupt. And I respect that about her. She’s not a corrupt member of Congress. She’s idealistically stupid, but she’s not corrupt.

Don’t you just love Santos describing other members of Congress as too corrupt to be in the House of Representatives?

So the reality is I’d rather have 10 AOC’s than one Nancy Pelosi, than one Steny Hoyer, than one Kevin McCarthy, than one Den Crenshaw.

Because these are people who are morally corrupt for the elitist establishment and for all the special interest groups.

They’re the ones writing all the IOUs.

We need more outsiders like myself, like AOC, like Lauren Boebert. There are way too many creeps, liars, and hate-filled anti-Democratic members of Congress already in the GOP

We do need more like AOC, but not Boebert? LOL

Santos exemplifies Donald Trump completely in his ability to lie and fleece his supporters. Hopefully Diminished Don will follow Santos out the door.

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